for the magazine
Journal of Research on Trade, Management and Economic Development (JRTMED)
(approved by the TCUM Senate through its minutes no. 1 of 02.09.2016)


1.    General Provisions
The editorial policy for the magazine Journal of Research on Trade, Management and Economic Development (JRTMED) is aimed at creating the conditions necessary for the publication of original studies conducted by local and foreign authors in the field of economics in English.
Basic (fundamental) editorial principles:

  • Carrying out editorial activity according to the professional ethics in the field;
  • Ensuring conformity (compliance) of the content of the published articles with the specified (predetermined) scientific fields;
  • Respecting the goals and objectives set;
  • Ensuring the proper peer review process;
  • Geographical diversity of the reviewers;
  • Geographical diversity of the authors;
  • Continuous improvement of the editorial activity and quality of the journal.

 2.    Description of the publication
The Journal of Research on Trade, Management and Economic Development (JRTMED) was started by the Trade Co-operative University of Moldova in 2014 (TCUM).
The mission of the Journal is to promote research performance and publish its results in the field of economics, trade and management, facilitating the exchange of opinions, information and new ideas between researchers.
The publication focuses on theoretical and practical, interdisciplinary and methodological research in various fields of economics, trade and management, as well as on various relations between trade and economic development, both nationally and internationally.
Scientific field of publications - Economics.
Topics covered by JRTMED include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Strategies and policies for domestic trade development;
  • Domestic trade regulation;
  • The impact of government policies on the development of trade;
  • Anti-dumping and unfair trade practices issues;
  • Development of internal market and consumer protection;
  • Challenges, performances and tendencies in the organization management;
  • Management Reengineering and streamlining of business;
  • Management of change, innovation and quality;
  • Management and marketing of commercial enterprises;
  • Issues of quality and competitiveness of the products within the global economy;
  • Business policies, strategies and performances;
  • Innovation and product development;
  • Policies for economic growth and development: problems and solutions;
  • Strategies and models of sustainable economic growth and development;
  • The evolution of accounting, auditing and finance as practical activities and economic science;
  • Issues of the educational - economic sector;
  • Training and professional development of specialists in the economic and commercial field.

The target audience of the magazine includes university teachers, researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, representatives of cooperatives and those interested in modernizing the activity of trade, management and economic development.
Original high-quality theoretical, conceptual and empirical research papers submitted by the university staff, researchers, and practitioners are accepted for publication.
The Editorial Board, which includes the Scientific Committee and the Editorial Council, has been established in order to ensure the conformity of the papers published in the magazine with the requirements for the scientific publications and the originality of research.
The magazine is published twice a year: at the end of June and at the end of December.
Print run of the magazine is 100 copies.
3.    Goal and objective
The goal of JRTMED is to disseminate knowledge, to promote innovative thinking, intellectual discussions, research analyses, and pragmatic studies, including critiques regarding a wide area of economic sciences, and to facilitate communication between academics, research experts, policy makers, practitioners in business, members of cooperatives, and government agencies.
By publishing this magazine, the Trade Co-operative University aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • support the exchange of ideas and provide stimulus for research on a range of important subjects relating to Economics, Trade, Management and Economic Development;
  • disseminate knowledge in various fields of economic research in the academic, scientific and business areas;
  • build new links, networks and collaborations between the communities of researchers in order to stimulate and enhance creativity;
  • provide the opportunity for learning and transfer of experience;
  • create a bridge between theory and practice in various fields of economic researches, etc.

 4.    Drafting and submission process
By publishing the scientific review, the Trade Co-operative University of Moldova aims at disseminating research results in the fields of trade, management and economic development, innovative ideas with potential application in practice by public and private institutions, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and investors, and other users interested in these fields.
In this context, the JRTMED Editorial Board invites researchers, doctoral students, teaching staff and professionals from the real sector of the economy to submit scientific articles (papers) for publication in JRTMED.
The following formal conditions of acceptance should be taken into account:

  • the article was not previously published or submitted for publication to other magazines/publications in its present form;
  • the paper has an original, innovative character and is the result of own research;
  • the author(s) are fully responsible for the entire content of the study and for the correctness of expressions and phrases used;
  • it is mandatory that the author's vision or the results of his investigations and the results of previous researches will be clearly delimited;
  • the copyright is automatically transferred to the Trade Co-operative University of Moldova immediately after the acceptance of the paper for publication in JRTMED.

The magazine accepts for publication the submission of original research papers that meet the general criteria of scientific excellence, and the manuscripts comply with the mandatory technical and editorial aspects set:

  • papers are submitted in English only;
  • total volume of the article should be 6-10 pages (references included);
  • the title of the article reflects a direct connection with the content of the article;
  • the paper will have the following structure: title, name(s) of author(s), abstract, keywords, JEL classification, extended content of the paper, references;
  • the extended content of the paper includes an introduction, analysis of the degree of knowledge of the problem, purpose of research, methodological approaches to the investigation, findings, practical implications, results, conclusions and recommendations;
  • citation of authors is made with the mandatory reference to the source;
  • it is recommended to use clear definitions of the terms used;
  • page numbering, insertion of lines, headings and footnotes are not allowed;
  • the content of the article is edited in one column;
  • the paper must comply with the conditions in the SUBMISSION compartment, available on the magazine's website;
  • the articles are sent by e-mail to the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , exclusively in Microsoft Word format.

The authors have to complete and submit the following:

  • the registration form,
  • the manuscript according to the model proposed,
  • the declaration on own responsibility,
  • the confirmation of payment.

All the mentioned documents will be downloaded from the address authors and will be sent to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   as Word documents (.doc or .docx) after completion.
The decision regarding the publication of the article is approved at the meeting of the Editorial Board.

 5.    Review Process
The review process of scientific articles submitted by authors for publication in the Journal of Research on Trade, Management and Economic Development was approved by the Senate of the Trade Co-operative University of Moldova.
The article submitted for publication follows the peer-review process organized in two stages of assessment:
1. editors of the Editorial Board;
2. two reviewers from home and/or abroad with competence in the field of research.
Manuscript assessment is carried out on an anonymous basis without identifying the author/authors.
At both stages of reviewing process the recommendations and comments of reviewers are made known to the author/authors in order to improve the quality of the publication.
The manuscript, rejected at the first stage of evaluation, is forwarded to an expert in the field (professor, associate professor) from the Trade Co-operative University of Moldova for repeated review.
Only after acceptance of the article at the first stage, the manuscript can be sent for assessment to two reviewers from home and/or abroad (professor, associate professor).
The manuscript can be:
1. Accepted in its original form;
2. Accepted with minor changes;
3. Accepted with substantial changes;
4. Rejected.
An article accepted by the reviewer subject to significant changes can be re-evaluated by the same expert in the scientific field for compliance with the recommendations, elimination of inadequacies and improvement of the quality of author’s intellectual work.
When there are major discrepancies between the opinions of reviewers at the second stage of the review process, the article is sent to a third reviewer.
The manuscript rejected at the second stage of the review process can be re-submitted by the author only after a fundamental transformation of the article.
The final decision on the publication of articles in the current issue of the journal is made upon the recommendation of the Editorial Board members and taking into account the reviewers’ recommendations at both stages of the review process.

 6.    Deontological policy
Ethics policy
The JRTMED Editor is against any form of unethical and plagiarized conduct. In this context:
    the authors sign the Declaration on their own responsibility according to the editorial form, assuming responsibility for the originality of the work;
    the manuscripts submitted for publication in the magazine can be checked against plagiarism using available applications.
Copyright is automatically transferred to the Trade Co-operative University of Moldova immediately after acceptance of the work for publication in the magazine.
Authors are responsible for the content of the printed articles.

 Open access policy
The Editor of the Journal of Research on Trade, Management and Economic Development – Trade Co-operative University of Moldova – declares publicly the open access nature of the journal.



JRTMED publishes articles on its own website 2345-1483 - online edition) simultaneously with the publishing of the current issue of the journal in paper format (ISSN 2345-1424 - printed edition). Access to the electronic content of journal in real temporary mode is free of charge, quick and permanent for each user of international global network. Each researcher has the right to read, download, copy, distribute freely and without remixes or changes any article within the international Creative Commons license terms (CC BY-NC-ND) "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License".


The electronic version is hosted at the address - in Romanian language, and at the address - in English language.

 7.    Development and promotion of the publication
To increase the visibility and prestige of the magazine in the national and international scientific community, the following options have been chosen:

  • exchanging scientific publications with other magazines from abroad and promoting editorial and publicity cooperation;
  • registrating the journal in international databases: Oaji, Ebsco, Tomson, ERIH, Elibrary, etc.;
  • obtaining an impact factor;
  • continuous improvement of the magazine quality regarding its scientific level and appearance (design and layout);
  • development of the journal’s web page and improvement of ways of publishing scientific articles on-line.


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