The goal of JRTMED is to disseminate knowledge, to promote innovative thinking, intellectual discussions, research analyses, and pragmatic studies including critiques regarding a wide area of economic sciences and to facilitate communication between academics, research experts, policy makers, practitioners in business, members of cooperatives, government agencies and executives. The Journal will have 2 issues per year: by the end of June and the end of December. The electronic version is hosted at www.jrtmed.uccm.md. 

By publishing this magazine, the Trade Co-operative University aims to achieve the following objectives: 

  •     support the exchange of ideas and provide stimulus for research on a range of important subjects relating to Economics, Trade, Management and Economic Development;
  •  disseminate knowledge in various fields of economic research in the academic, scientific and business areas;
  •   build new links, networks and collaborations between the communities of researchers in order to stimulate and enhance creativity;
  •    provide the opportunity for learning and transfer of experience;
  •    create a bridge between theory and practice in various fields of economic researches etc.

 Topics covered by JRTMED include, but are not limited to the following areas: 

  • Strategies and policies for domestic trade development
  • Domestic trade regulation
  • The impact of government policies on the development of trade
  • Anti-dumping and unfair trade practices issues
  • Development of internal market and consumer protection
  • Challenges, performances and tendencies in the organization management
  • Management Reengineering and streamlining of business
  • Management of change, innovation and quality
  • Management and marketing of commercial enterprises
  • Issues of quality and competitiveness of the products within the global economy
  • Business policies, strategies and performances
  • Innovation and product development
  • Policies for economic growth and development: problems and solutions
  • Strategies and models of sustainable economic growth and development
  • The evolution of accounting, auditing, finance as practical activities and economic science
  • Issues of the educational - economic sector
  • Training and professional development of specialists in the economic-commercial field.



The journal is addressed to academics, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, representatives of cooperatives and those interested in commerce, management and economic development.




JRTMED will publish original, high quality, theoretical, conceptual and empirical research papers of academics, researchers, and practitioners.

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